“We would like to congratulate GovInsider on hosting their inaugural Innovation Labs World event, which had a stellar line up of Singapore government leaders and international public sector leaders. The audience turn-out was fantastic and we look forward to hosting many of such events here to showcase our digital government services delivery in building Singapore towards a Smart Nation.” - Official Testimonial from the Singapore Government

“We would like to thank you for your excellent efforts in organizing the Nokia focus group session as part of Innovation Labs World. Full credit goes to your team for the excellent turnout of 60 – double from the original target of 30 – and a very good mix from various government departments who are interested in the smart ageing topic.” - Cindy Chau, Head of New Verticals and Market Development, Nokia

“GovInsider did a fabulous job with the inaugural Innovation Labs world event. As sponsors, we were provided with a great overview of the state of the industry and excellent access to the right people in government departments across the SE Asian region. Many attendees were directly responsible for procuring of our eye tracking hardware and consulting services. We will be sponsoring again!” - James Breeze, CEO, Objective Eye Tracking

“A fascinating collaboration among government leaders from Singapore, Australia, and Estonia, and startups and entrepreneurs.... plus robots, UAVs, IOT and a bit more. A day well spent,” - Tony Newling, Senior Director, Public Sector, Microsoft Asia

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